A Wedding-as-Art

When Ben Britt and I decided to marry, as his present to me, he let me make our wedding into an art project.

I'm interested in, among other things, the relationship between what we think of as art and reality, the real and the virtual.  In this project, a real marriage served as an occasion to explore larger contexts – including the bond that, for better or worse, has in some sense always existed among all of humanity but that now, by virtue of the internet, is becoming much more intense, or at least more quickly and thickly interconnected. 

The project involved more than 80 collaborator-volunteers plus participant-guests, and three layers of video.  One video was screened for guests at the event; a second was projected onto their backs – guests had been requested to wear white and invited to wear bridal gowns, and they were offered white veils to wear during the event, so they could participate both as part of a human screen and as additional "brides."  Collaborator-volunteers assembled the set, projected video and sound, shot video and photos, and made and installed or distributed 200 veils, 650 2-D paper flowers, and more (see the Programme for credits).

Contents of this Site

  Selected photos, mostly of the event.

"Stacked stills" – composite images showing simultaneous stills from the video projected for participant-guests and the video projected onto their backs (the two videos were designed to work together).

More info about the project including logistics and aesthetic intent.

Programme for the event (including credits to those who helped with various aspects).

Info about the 2-D flowers created for the project.

Text of the Wedding Ceremony video/ceremony.

Online version of the invitation.

Photos of the Mayflowers exhibition at Homeland Security, Dallas, a group show exhibiting some of the flowers that survived the original event (more info about the exhibition here).

Contribute your photos or video of or relating to the wedding/performance/screenings: see instructions on this page below.

On-the-ground photos of the event location here.

An aerial view of the location here.

For press info, please e-mail carolyn (a) c-cyte dot com.

How to participate in or support this project here.

Scary legalese here.

Actual View of Event

(Photo above by Rich Tate for Alford Media.)

Where and When

The wedding / participatory performance / screenings took place on Saturday, September 17, 2011, at 337 Singleton Blvd., Dallas, Texas.

The online version of the paper invitation can be found here.

Upload Your Photos or Video of the Event

(Photo by Tammy McNary of poles with videotape per set design by Celia Eberle).

Since Ben + Carolyn were in the wedding/performance, they didn't get to see how it looked from your point of view; so they'd be very excited to see anything you might have captured. They'd also love to share at least some of it with others.  In addition, Carolyn might want to incorporate your material as part of the project.

Here's how to upload what you captured to Carolyn's FTP:

    Go to:
User: c-cytedropbox
Password: theweddingproject
Click on the folder called "The_Wedding_Project"
Click on the folder called "Participant-Guest Vizis"
In the upper left, click on "Upload File(s)"
This will give you a "browse" box through which you can locate on your own computer the visuals to be uploaded.

Please e-mail carolyn(a) c-cyte dot com, so you can be credited.

(By uploading your files, you will be giving Carolyn permission to publish them and use them in this project, all as more particularly provided here).

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(Too many more preliminary veiling photos here.)

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