(The wedding of Ben + Carolyn)


Shakespeare-Batman Bust, Veiled

Carolyn Sortor and Ben Barnes Britt request the honor
of your presence at their wedding
and your participation in The Wedding Project
on Saturday, September 17, 2011, at 8:00 PM, in the parking lot at 337 Singleton Blvd., Dallas, Texas.

You are requested to wear white or pale colors, and sensible shoes are suggested;
and if you have a wedding dress (and it’s white or a pale color),
you are joyfully invited to wear it.
Please see the additional information below.

Ben and Carolyn also invite you to join them at the reception immediately following,
at 1363 Chemical St., Dallas, Texas.
R.S.V.P. by September 6th to 214-552-5634
or TheWeddingProject2011 (a) gmail dot com.

What to Expect

A real wedding will occur, but the ceremony will also constitute part of an experiment / art project.

The main event will take place in a parking lot and will involve three layers of video. One video, Wedding Ceremony, is intended to constitute the actual marriage ceremony (among other things), and will be projected onto a screen behind the minister, where you will be able to see it.

Please wear white or pale colors, because a second video, Creation Ceremony, will be projected onto guest-participants' (your) backs from a second projector located above and behind you. (Unfortunately, this means that you'll have little idea what's being projected onto you at the time; but if you like, you'll get to see that later.)

A third video, Alignment Ceremony, will be edited from footage shot at the event, some or most of which will have been shot from the same vantage point as the second, elevated projector (and it's expected to work/look better if you're wearing white or pale colors).

We've allowed a limited amount of time to get you into the desired location, and we'll appreciate your cooperation in not slowing that process down. Also, near the end of the ceremony, a simple instruction or two for you may appear in the video on the screen behind the minister, which we hope you will carry out.

We've planned for the wedding/performance/screening/shoot to take a total of one hour from the time you arrive. There will be no seating (if you need to sit, please come promptly, bring a chair, and alert one of the ushers, and they will try to find a place to seat you), and restroom facilities will be extremely minimal. Sensible shoes are highly recommended.

Please leave small children and pets at home.

A map to the wedding and reception is below.

Your presence at the wedding/performance/screening/shoot will constitute your consent for you and anything you bring to be videotaped and photographed and for moving or still images and audio recordings of you and anything you bring to be used for all purposes relating to this project, worldwide and in perpetuity, all as more particularly provided here.

Your Photos or Video

If you shoot photos or video, we hope you'll share the results with us. To do so, please e-mail carolyn (a) c-cyte dot com for simple instructions on how to upload them to our FTP facility. Please identify your upload clearly so you can be credited if the material is used in The Wedding Project. Your upload will constitute your permission for the material to be used in Alignment Ceremony or any other works related to The Wedding Project, in accordance with and as more particularly provided in the release set out here.

Participation / Support

Your presence at the main event as a guest/participant will help make the Alignment Ceremony what it's meant to be; presents beyond that are neither required nor expected.

If you would nonetheless like to give something more, any of the following would be greatly appreciated:

1. You are invited to participate more deeply in the project by helping with any of the following needs:

  (a) Technical: lending or operating projectors, cameras, lighting, etc. (contact Vance Wingate at
vewingate (a) earthlink dot net);
(b) Set or props: helping to set up or decorate the main event location (contact Danette Dufilho at
viva_danette (a) yahoo dot com);
(c) Refreshments: bringing or helping to set up food or beverages at the reception or a rehearsal
(contact Dina Light at dnalight (a) gmail dot com);
(d) Entertainment at the reception (contact Ben at ben (a) bbgun dot com); or
(e) Clean-up and other miscellaneous (contact Danette Dufilho at viva_danette (a) yahoo dot com).

2. Donations to help defray the hard costs associated with this project will also be greatly appreciated. You can donate through PayPal by sending your contribution to carolyn (a) c-cyte dot com or by mailing your check to 1363 Chemical St., Dallas, TX 75207.

All helpers and supporters will be recognized in the credits for the video produced from the footage shot at the main event (to the extent they are identified to Carolyn).

More About the Wedding-as-Art-Project


Locations, Hotels, Etc.

Map to event locations and info for travellers including block-discounted hotel rates here.

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