(The wedding of Ben + Carolyn)

The Flowers

Project participants made over 650 flowers for the initial wedding/performance/screenings, which were used in the bride's bouquet,
in the set decor attached to garlands of old videotape and otherwise, and at the reception afterward.
Here are some of the flowers, which may be re-used in an installation of the project videos:


Below are some guidelines that were given for the flowers:

Guidance for the Ministers of Flowers

Please make the flower heads completely flat, on stiff white paper.
(Right-click on the images below for larger versions; but note:
your flowers do NOT have to look like these; please see the "Flower FAQ's" below.)
You can pick up some very nice, free paper at Conduit Gallery, at 1626-C Hi Line Dr., Dallas.
Have a flower party!


flower backs

Flower FAQ's


We need 2-D flower heads drawn by kids or adults on thick white paper. (Yes, we want them to be as flat as a lollipop!)


We have a supply of very nice, donated paper. You can pick some up at Conduit Gallery at 1626-C Hi Line Drive, Dallas (near 35E and Oak Lawn; hours Tues. - Sat., 10 - 5).


The flower heads should be at least 5" in diameter, and we need at least 1/3 of them to be 8 to 12" in diameter. If you're working with kids, you might want to give them paper in the appropriate sizes, then ask them to try to fill that space with the flower head.


The goal is creativity and self-expression by the draw-ers. The flowers do not have to be uniform, or perfect, or look like real flowers, or look anything like the samples above. You can even create "evil" or ugly flowers as well as pretty ones. The drawings can be any colors, in any media that won't smear onto or harm other flowers.


Please draw on one side only, as the backs may be covered up.

You are welcome to sign or initial them on the front of the flower head (where it won't get covered up or cut off).


Please be sure to submit the names of all draw-ers so they can be credited in the video to be shot at the live event.


The flower heads need to be cut out at some point, if not cut out by the draw-ers. The cutting job does not have to be neat – a few triangles snipped out of the edges should do. It's fine if some white is showing through the drawing or around the edges.


Each drawer can make as many flowers as they like – the more, the better. The goal is 400 flowers. And feel free to recruit others to help make or wrangle flowers.


The deadline for inclusion in the live event or the video shot there is September 10, 2011. We may be able to use flowers received later in an installation, but they probably won't appear in the live event or the video shot at the event.


Don't worry about attaching the flowers to stems. We'll take care of that (some flower heads may be attached directly to other things anyway).

12. Flower heads should be dropped off to Danette Dufilho at Conduit Gallery at 1626-C Hi Line Drive, Dallas.

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