(The wedding of Ben + Carolyn)


Sosibios Vase

(The Sosibios Vase; image from the Louvre.)

Your Role

Please find the Ministers distributing flashlights and veils,
don a veil if you're willing, and situate yourself on the "grid."

Part 1 of the video projections begins at 8PM.

When you hear a small bell, Part 2 has begun,
and the procession of the wedding party will begin.

Near the end of the ceremony, you will be requested to perform two actions:
to kiss anyone near you who is willing to be kissed; and
to turn and throw kisses or wave toward the camera on the balcony behind you
(for the people who may eventually view the video shot tonight).

Please DO turn on your flashlights when you're ready to leave
(but not before, unless needed).

The Wedding Party

Minister of the Wedding: Pinky Diablo (a.k.a. Tom Sale)

Flower Girl: India Skipper (daughter of Lisa Martensen)
Maid in Waiting: Isabelle Carolyn Lofquist (Carolyn's niece, daughter of Robin + Bob Lofquist)

Ministers of Honor: Danette Dufilho, Cris Worley, Lisa Martensen,
Amy McMahan Kellum, Dan Piassick, Randy Reeves,
Tammy McNary + Steven Hagler (friends of Carolyn + Ben)

Giving Ben away: Marilee Britt Ellis, Ben's sister
(Ben's other sister is Bonnie Britt Crook, also in front with her husband, Roy Crook)

Giving Carolyn away: Robin Sortor Lofquist, Carolyn's sister
 (her husband, Bob Lofquist, also in front)

Other Parties

Ministers of Loving Attention and Insight

Ministers of Time
Vance Wingate and Laura Neitzel

Ministers of Digital Recordings
Alford Media, Steve Alford, Greg Emery, Rich Tate, Steve Franko, Mark Birnbaum, Dan Piassick,
Misty Keasler, Steven Hagler, David Lyles, Richie Serrano, Carolyn McWeeney, Nick Sherman,
Kael Alford, Mary Benedicto, Mark Ridlen,
Dean Markham, Sally Glass, and Ben Britt

Ministers of Appearances
Celia + Frank Eberle, Ann Glazer, Deborah Points
, Tammy McNary, and Robin + Bob Lofquist

Ministers of Flowers
Kim Alexander, Mary Benedicto, Liliana + Laurent Charles Bloch, Mary Bloom,
Shannon Driscoll + the students of Oil & Cotton, Danette + John Dufilho,
Anita Horton, Tammy McNary, India Skipper, and Michael Westfried

Ministers of the White Ground
Joan Davidow, Stuart Glass, and Bruce Fredrickson

Ministers of Small Lights
Tammy McNary and C.J. Davis

Ministers of Veils
Karen Weiner and Erica Nelson

Minister of Comfort
Cris Worley

Ministers of Guidance
Julie Webb, Amy McMahan Kellum, Jeff + Nicole Whittington, William Baker, Bryan Campbell,
Randall Garrett, Brian Scott,
Rusty Scruby + Hampton Burwick, Jinya Huang,
Lizzy Wetzel, Heather Kennedy, Ashley Moore, and Kim Alexander

Ministers of Where
Larry ("Butch") McGregor and West Dallas Properties

Minister of Restoration
Michael Westfried

The Reception

Ministers of Refreshment
Dina Light, Buck Johnston + Camp Bosworth, B.F. Hicks, Larkin Tom + Leonard Van Gendt, David + Janet Lyles,
Melissa Conger, Susan K. Millis, Gayle Martensen, Megan Smith, Pia Koch, and Eben Price

Minister of Styling
Gayle Martensen

Ministers of Fun
Dee Hill
, Jan Sanders

Minister of the Analogue Recording
Forrest Jackson

Ministers of Miscellany
Megan Smith, Leslie Oschmann

Ministers of in-Kindness

Alford Media, Ann Glazer, Steve Franko, Sandra Stern Newberg, Half-Price Books, B.F. Hicks,
Larkin Tom + Leonard Van Gendt, David + Janet Lyles, Susan Millis, Dina Light, Gayle Martensen

Ministers of Moolah

Marilee Ellis, Bonnie + Roy Crook, John + Karen Reoch, Jeff + Betsy Crook, Heyd Fontenot, Kathy + Mark Zibilich,
Kathleen Maloney Skambis, Wandy Miezio Chapman, Debra Witter + Scott Chase, Scott + Allison McElhaney,
Suzanne Sprague-Trammell + Jack Trammell, Debra Kelt + Charles Hancock, Amy + Dan Schmitt,
Sherry Owens, Deborah + Nigel Brown, Dee Hill

About the Production

The video screened behind the Minister of the Wedding is intended to constitute
the ceremony uniting Ben + Carolyn; its title is Wedding Ceremony

The video projected onto you is called, Creation Ceremony

You are performing in Alignment Ceremony, which is being
videotaped tonight; the footage will be used to create
a third video with the same title. 

People; veils; paper flowers on electrical wire and videotape;
video projection + recording equipment; temporary paint;
flashlights; night fishing bell; wedding.


Profound thanks to the many people who have contributed
their hearts, heads, hands, and worldly goods to this project,
and to you for your role tonight.

Keats' Drawing of the Sosibios Vase

(John Keats' drawing of the Sosibios Vase; based on image from Keats-Shelley House.)

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