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A lot of hard work and resources are being put into this project. To avert any copyright or other claims that could make the results of our efforts unusable for financial or other reasons, guests and participants agree as set out below. (In layman's terms, the main idea is that if, for example, you are recorded at the wedding/performance/screening/shoot, or you provide a paper flower for the event, you agree that Carolyn will have the right to use the flower or recordings of it or you – but you should read the details below to understand the full meaning of this Release.)

You may have been invited to attend and appear at the wedding/performance/screening/shoot scheduled for Saturday, September 17, 2011, at 337 Singleton Blvd., Dallas, TX (together with any and all other events, video, or other works relating to The Wedding Project as contemplated in this website, the "Project"), or you may be helping with the Project, or you may have provided or hereafter provide props, video, photographs, or other works to be used in the Project; and for purposes of this release, any and all of the foregoing, which may include your name, likeness, image, voice, interview, performance, activities, services, and any works or other property you bring with you or otherwise provide at or for use in connection with the Project, are collectively called your "Performance."

In exchange for your admission to the wedding/performance/screening/shoot or the appearance of any of your works at such event or in any other event, video, or other work relating to the Project, you authorize Carolyn Sortor (the "Artist") and her helpers to record your Performance (as defined above) on still or moving film, audiotape, videotape, digital recording or any other format, and to use, edit, modify, alter, copy, digitize, broadcast, distribute, publish or publicly exhibit, display or perform your Performance or any portions thereof (including stills) in the Project and/or in any other production or work, in print, audio, video, television, internet broadcast or otherwise on the internet or in any and all other media now known or hereafter invented, for purposes of art, illustration, commerce, promotion or any other purpose whatsoever, in perpetuity, throughout the world, at the sole discretion of the Artist.

You agree you have no claim to any copyright in the Project or your Performance and no rights in the Project, your Performance or any benefits derived therefrom. The Artist shall own all copyrights to the Project, including your Performance or any portions thereof, in the Artist's own name or otherwise and shall have the right to use, assign, license, sell or otherwise transfer the Project, your Performance or any portions thereof or rights relating thereto, in perpetuity, throughout the world.

You specifically release the Artist from any and all claims arising out of any use of the Project or your Performance, including without limitation any and all claims for defamation, invasion of privacy or misappropriation of your rights of publicity or privacy, as well as for any injury during the recording or production activities contemplated herein. You agree to indemnify, reimburse and hold the Artist harmless from and against all claims, losses, expenses, and liabilities of every kind arising out of any breach by you of this Release.

This Release represents your entire understanding with the regarding your Performance and may not be revoked or amended unless mutually agreed to in writing by the Artist. You have read and understand this Release and agree it shall be binding upon you and your heirs, successors, assigns and representatives and any entities or organizations that you, directly or indirectly, substantially own or control and that it shall run in favor of any and all heirs, successors, grantees, transferees or assigns of the Artist. If you bring any minor child or children to or involve them in the Project or any part thereof, you agree to all of the foregoing on behalf of such child or children.

Terms of Use of The Wedding Project Website

The Wedding Project website was created by me, Carolyn Sortor, is part of the C-Cyte website, and is subject to the C-Cyte Terms of Use. Once you have reached this page or The Wedding Project home page, by clicking anywhere on this website other than to view such Terms of Use, you agree to such terms, except as modified by this paragraph. The Wedding Project website includes many works by artists other than me, and I've tried to note who made such works; but to be sure who made any particular work, please contact me at carolyn at c-cyte dot com, and I'll gladly refer you to the appropriate artist if it wasn't me. If you contributed to The Wedding Project in any way, please keep me informed of any changes in your contact information, so I can refer to you any inquiries about your contribution. All artistic, literary, and other works constituting or contained or depicted within The Wedding Project website and not made by others were made by me, © 2011-12.

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