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Fri., 2014-02-13

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7:30: Seated screenings in the MAC's Black Box Theater
The Lost Worlds (compilation), curated by Michael A. Morris
indentBen Russell, Atlantis (2014), 16mm film to HD video, 23:30 min.
indentHarun Farocki, Parallel II (2014), HD video, 8:23 min.
indentRichard Bailey, The Disappearance of the Grackles (2014), HD video, 8 min.
indentJeremy Couillard, Mystical Beasts (2013), HD video, 3:38 min.
indentNicky Tavaras, Call Me By Heart (2014), 16mm film, 2:22 min.
indentDani Leventhal, Sister City (2013), HD video, 4:40 min.
indentJeremy Couillard, The Bob Monroe 24/7 News Network (2014), HD video, 2:48 min.
indentMike Stoltz, Under the Atmosphere (2014), 16mm film, 14:30 min.

Stoltz Image

Mike Stoltz, Under the Atmosphere (2014),
14:30 min., 16mm film

8:45: Experimental Response Cinema
Experimental films and videos from Austin, TX [artists and titles t.b.a.]

New installation in the Square Gallery by Michael Stansell (through Mar. 7):

Michael Stansell,The Water and the Blood (2012), multi channel video projection with sound, 27 min. (looping), courtesy of the artist and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia. The Water and the Blood is a synchronized multi-channel sound and video installation. Set in the rural south, The Water and the Blood presents a kaleidoscopic view of five characters' interwoven stories. These stories are pulled from family histories and blended with a mix of imagined and documented events. "The Water and the Blood requires a commitment from the audience, but is a fascinating personal journey that illuminates just how subjective our perceptions can be." ––Rebecca Dimling Cochran, Art in America



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