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Fri., 2014-02-13

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7:30: Seated screenings in the MAC's Black Box Theater
The Lost Worlds (compilation), curated by Michael A. Morris
indentBen Russell, Atlantis (2014), 16mm film to HD video, 23:30 min.
indentHarun Farocki, Parallel II (2014), HD video, 8:23 min.
indentRichard Bailey, The Disappearance of the Grackles (2014), HD video, 8 min.
indentJeremy Couillard, Mystical Beasts (2013), HD video, 3:38 min.
indentNicky Tavaras, Call Me By Heart (2014), 16mm film, 2:22 min.
indentDani Leventhal, Sister City (2013), HD video, 4:40 min.
indentJeremy Couillard, The Bob Monroe 24/7 News Network (2014), HD video, 2:48 min.
indentMike Stoltz, Under the Atmosphere (2014), 16mm film, 14:30 min.

Stoltz Image

Mike Stoltz, Under the Atmosphere (2014),
14:30 min., 16mm film

8:45: Experimental Response Cinema
Experimental films and videos from Austin, TX [artists and titles t.b.a.]

New installation in the Square Gallery by Michael Stansell (through Mar. 7)



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