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Fri., 2014-01-09

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7pm: Seated Screenings in the MAC's Black Box Theater
Cybernetic Cinema Revisited: Early Computer Films, curated by Michael A. Morris
indentLillian Schwartz, Pixillation (1970), 4 min.
indentLillian Schwartz, UFOs (1971), 3 min.
indentLillian Schwartz, Olympiad (1971), 3:20 min.
indentStan VanDerBeek, Symmetricks (1972), 7 min.
indentJohn Whitney, ARABESQUE (1975), 16mm film, color, sound, 7 min.
indentScore Manoocheher Sadeghi
indent© 2015 Digital Editions LLC
indentLillian Schwartz, Veil of Years (1977), 11 min.

Lillian Schwarz, still from Veil of Years (1977)

8:15pm: Seated Screenings in the MAC’s Black Box Theater
Now You See: Intermedia Performances, curated by Michael A. Morris
indentCracked Ray Tube, 20 min.
indentLiz Larsen, 20 min.
indentHalf Asexual, 20 min.
indentSean Miller, 20 min.
indentAndrew Blanton, 20 min.

11pm at Texas Theatre, behind the screen: VIDEOBAR with Bart Weiss



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