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Sat., 2014-01-10

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1 - 6pm: at Oil and Cotton
Workshop, Hardware Hacking and DIY Audio/Video (REGISTER at oilandcotton.bigcartel.com), taught by James Connolly + Kyle Evans.

4:30 - 8pm: Seated Screenings in the MAC's Black Box Theater
Three compilations curated by Michael A. Morris.

indent1. All that Is Solid
indentJeremy Moss, The Blue Record (2013), 16mm to HD video, 16:37 min.
indentJim Finn, Encounters with Your Inner Trotsky Child (2013), video, 21:10 min.
indentOlivia Ciummo, Over Fractured Water (2014), HD video, 4:55 min.
indentAlexander Stewart, Fort Morgan (2014), 16mm film to HD video, 22min.

indent2. Nothing Himself, Beholds Nothing
indentMichael Robinson, The Dark Krystal (2013), HD video, 9:34 min.
indentDeborah Stratman, Hacked Circuit (2014), HD video, 15:06 min.
indentLJ Freeza, Nothing (2014), video, 6:27 min.
indentDanielle Georgiou, #hewouldonlyfuckmeintheshower (2014), HD video, 3:54 min.
indentYing Liu, Ham over Rice (2014), HD video, 3:37 min.
indentEd Rankus, Thorns vs. Roses (2014), HD video, 14min.
indentHannah Piper Burns, outer darkness: the rite (2014), HD video, 4:16 min.
indentRhayne Vermette, Full of Fire (2013), 16mm to HD video, 2:15 min.
indentColette Copeland, The Victorian Woman Flies a Plane (2014), HD video, 3:44min.
indentAriana Gerstein, Performance for Perfection 1200 (2014), HD video, 13:26 min.

Meat Friends Image
Ian Haig, Meat Friends on the Internet (2014),
still from HD video

indent3. The Body Speaking Its Mother Tongue
indentHarun Farocki, Parallel 1 (2012), HD video, 15:53 min.
indentEric Stewert, Wake (2014), 16mm film, 8 min.
indentKent Lambert, Reckoning 3 (2014), HD video, 11:14 min.
indentIan Haig, Meat Friends on the Internet (2014), HD video, 1:30 min.
indentKristin Reeves, Threadbare (2013), 16mm film, 5:41 min.
indentEric Souther, Dissecting Muybridge (2014), video, 14:14 min.
indentJodie Mack, Let Your Light Shine (2013), 16mm film, 3:11 min.
indentHouse of Style, Infinite Leaks in the Memory Palace (2013), HD video, 5:04 min.

Memory Palace Leaks Image
House of Style, Infinite Leaks in the Memory Palace
(2013), still from HD video

8:15pm in the MAC's Black Box Theater
The Short Films of Jennifer Reeder, followed by art talk; curated by Michael A. Morris
A Million Miles Away, 27 min.
And I Will Rise If Only To Hold You Down, 24 min.
Seven Songs About Thunder, 20 min.
Tears Cannot Restore Her; Therefore, I Weep, 10 min.



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