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spaceTen Things You Need to Know About the Infowar
spacespaceOr, are we in post-reality yet? The infowar as the new class war, how leaks affect
spacespaceorganizational i.q., etc.

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Thanks to our forebears, many of the answers to big-picture questions sit in our museums and libraries waiting to be found. Equally ageless is the challenge of how to apply them in any given age. The essays listed below constituted my attempt to share some of my working hypotheses as of when they were written, in 2000. I'd like to note that, although many of the ideas put forth have since become part of our common understanding, at the time they were considerably more obscure or even, as far as I was aware, original with me.

I tried to write in a way that would be easily understandable even to people with no training in the matters discussed. Beyond that, I can only apologize for the broken links or lack of authority, and feebly add that these essays were written before I was aware of internet citation conventions, if there were any back then, and in time spared from a lot of other efforts.

  Cells and Systems
    Entities, life processes, repression within individuals or groups, diversity, efficiency, justice, founding principles

  The Arts and Literature

  What Can We Know?

  What Do We Mean by “Meaning”?

  The Meaning of Life

  How Can We Define Good and Bad?

  Governmental and Economic Systems
    Free markets, dictatorships, transparency and accountability, checks and balances, corporate structure, the media, and other matters

  Miscellaneous Other Systemic Issues
    Tort reform, work hours, child care, various fundamental rights, capital punishment, cloning and abortion, and other matters


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