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I built this site in 2000 and am maybe working on a new one. Meanwhile, certain files created in Flash and a few links have stopped working; also, some sections have not been updated in a long time. If you encounter a glitch or have trouble finding anything, please do not hesitate to contact me at carolyn at c-cyte dot com.)


  Video, Audio, and Related Works
    Instant Public Square, Plied Pipes, The Infrathin, Thinker, Brise Soleil, Whose Secrets, Transmembrane Pressure, ask not / art thou, Glass Valley, Braille, The Wedding Project, the Seismic Hive videos, Grace at Camp Casey, Creamistress 6: "The Centered Polenta," et al.

  Relational/Social Works
    common ground
The OccuLibrary
Read with me
Artificial MFA (see Virtual Art project # 113), including
transparent gifart as social wormhole
The Wedding Project
Artist's Reservation of Percentage of Future Net Profits
See also Curating, below.


Digital and Net Art


Digital Art
Net Art:
transparent gifspace-time for you including when you need a quiet space
transparent gifFruit of Knowledge



Virtual Art

  The first Dallas Medianale: Existential Virtuality, Co- Re-Creating Spaces, Expanded Cinema, ART WORK in dallas, The Program, i heart video art, Tech-Art Activism, etc.

CRIT on art and lit
  Writings on work by Jeff Gibbons, Michael Corris, Kelly Kroener, Marjorie Schwarz, Temporary Services, Matthew Barney, Ryan Trecartin, Rotozaza, et al.; also including A ShakeFest for Book Clubs.


transparent gifPoems


indentation spaceAphorisms

  Various blogs, tumblrs, etc.:
    occulibrary, Co- Re-Creating Spaces (see
Curating), c-Blog (on art, politics, & trash), c-cyte (gifs), SnotEnterprises (parts for art experiments).

    Including Ten Things You Need to Know About the Infowar, On Cells and Systems, etc.

indentation spaceFiction (more or less)
indentation spacetransparent gifIncluding Diary of the Dead, etc.

Resumes, artist's statement, etc.

transparent gif
Some Info Re- Katrina
transparent gifAnd various efforts in response to it.





Contact: carolyn at c-cyte dot com.

Most of the background tiles used in this website were created by manipulating images of cells. For more about the meanings of "cyte" within this site, please see Cells and Systems.

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