Read with me

at Texas Vignette Art Fair, the Women's Museum, Dallas, 2019

Experiment/participatory performance with people, texts, and furniture.

Visitors were invited to bring a text they liked, in whatever format they preferred (paper, digital, etc.), or to select a text from those I brought, and then to choose either to read the text to me or to have me read it to them. The reading was to last 3 minutes (or longer if agreed).

This was an experiment exploring one-on-one reading – but in public, kinds of intimacy/distance and ways of being in a “bubble” together, or not; levels of internal and external “performance”; and kinds of reading; among other things.

Over the course of the fair, we constructed an “exquisite” reading, with many different readers reading many parts of different texts. Additional information here.


img_e6353 img_6357 _dsc1821 img_6325

4/20/19 2:48:07 PM

4/20/19 3:36:41 PM

4/20/19 3:33:39 PM

4/8/19 3:50:21 PM

1f010f10-1529-412c-b_346e1b _dsc1818 glasstire_photo-caro_346e12

4/20/19 3:28:15 PM

4/20/19 3:09:31 PM

Glasstire Photo-Carolyn-Sortor-Read with me.psd
4/20/19 3:06:36 PM


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