transparent space

  space-time for you


To give you a little more space and/or time, or at least help you feel like you have them.

indentnothing to see here
indentnothing to hear here
indenttake this time
indenttake your time
indenttake time
indentopen for you
indenthere you are

when you need a quiet space
A soothing gray web page to open in front of other windows in order to create a quiet screen space that you can then re-size or -shape as needed, temporarily shutting out visual distractions and viewing just the things (if any) that you need or want in the moment.

when you want a dark space
A darker gray that I like as a background for images
and videos.

when you want complete blackness

when you want more light

when you want more color indent[DRAFT; see also versions at,
,, and]



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