(Some of the info in this section may be out of date.)

Here are my cv, bio, and an artist's statement.

I worked for twenty years as a commercial lawyer. Here's my legal resume.

In 1990 I began doing substantial pro bono and charitable work for artists and arts organizations, mainly Zoë Artz Project, the Video Association of Dallas, Inc. (“VAD”) (www.videofest.org), and the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (www.the-mac.org). During 1996-98 I served as the first Chair of the Board of VAD; see arts administration for more details.

In 2000 I began to devote increasing time and energy to my own creative projects, training myself in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and other programs. I made this website and also made my first video (Looking Glasses).

In January, 2004, I purchased a B.F.A. from Ben Britt (who received it from University of Texas at Austin; bill of sale here – at the time, local colleges offered no courses in new media; but I'm also interested in self-edu and -credentialling as part of my art practice). I began curating as a way to get to see more video art and to help make up for my lack of formal art education, including co-curating the first The Program, which included nearly 60 video and new media works by more than 40 internationally-known artists.

I fully retired from my law practice in 2014 and am now a full-time artist.


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