Durational performance with texts (2015)

An experiment / performance presented by Carolyn Sortor in order to elicit some of the similarities and differences between social networking and necronetworking. The event took place in conjunction with the Seismic Hive exhibition, on Valentine’s Day, 2015, at The Reading Room, Dallas, TX. Noted the artist,


The performance will perhaps come as close as possible to non-performance, since it will consist in my doing my best not to be performing and generally to ignore any actual viewers while focussing as exclusively as possible on reading silently to myself, trying to genuinely understand/experience work(s) by one or more persons who not only are not present but are not even alive.

I will be building/adding to a network of meaning, of relationships of a sort, with dead people – necronetworking – for my own satisfaction. There is no hope that any of my questions or comments regarding these works will ever be communicated, let alone responded to, by their makers; and whatever relations with or among the dead that I create during the course of the performance will probably never be shared in any recognizable way with anyone else.

Necronetworking is in fact something many if not most of us do fairly regularly, but I will be attempting to perform it in a somewhat more extreme way – not just attending to the dead, but doing so while actively excluding the living.

Of all the art works I ever produce, this one will, I hope, be the least (directly) communicative and the most boring for viewers.

Viewers were invited to come and go, attending to or ignoring the performance, as they pleased.

Necronetworking-Chair with Leg

Chair with Leg (promotional image for "Necronetworking")
(2015), digital photograph.

The actual performance did not take place in any sort of "stage" area; rather, the chair was located not far from the other works, but facing toward a wall.

Necronetworking Documentation

Photo by Bart Weiss, 2015. More documentation photos here.

Chair courtesy of Second Hand Sam's Used Office Furniture,



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