La Wally Chorus
(2009), composite video with participatory variation, 5:35 min.

This and the other composite pieces were created by screen-capturing a live, "VJ'd" performance of a curated array of embedded YouTube vidis; hence the skips and real-time cursor action. All audio is native to the appropriated vidis, manipulated only by using the YouTube controls. The component vidis were created by their respective makers.

The beginning of each component vidi is timed so the vocals in all start within a second or so of each other (since this and the other composite videos were created by recording myself "VJ-ing" embedded component vidis in real time, it was nearly impossible to get the vocals to start at exactly the same time, not so much because they had to be clicked on consecutively as because of the variable hesitation between when each vidi was clicked on and when playback actually began).

Partly, I was curious to hear a virtual chorus of some of the greatest performers of this popular aria. Also, among other things, I found it interesting to hear just how wildly they diverge; and you can hear how artists in different eras brought out nuances intelligible only when performed faster, slower, etc. Comparisons can also be made re- other aspects, e.g., what sounds more "natural" or "fake" in different eras, etc.

Also, I like how, as the divergence grows, the audio sounds increasingly messed-up – yet perhaps even more sublime.

Also, at the risk of oversimplifying, I like the way all these "hive" composites partly reveal people's aesthetic and other interests/lusts/loves, and people's desire to share/excite those interests/lusts/loves – and their objects – with others. I also like how the respective fans of the various versions in this particular composite bicker in the companion piece to this video.

You can create your own version of this piece by going here, sizing and shaping your browser window to configure the vidis in the array you prefer, adjusting the volumes, and VJ-ing them as you like.



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