(2009), composite video with participatory variation, 4:17 min.

This and the other composite pieces were created by screen-capturing a live, "VJ'd" performance of a curated array of embedded YouTube vidis; hence the skips and real-time cursor action. All audio is native to the appropriated vidis, manipulated only by using the YouTube controls. The component vidis were created by their respective makers.

You can create your own version of this piece by going here, sizing and shaping your browser window to configure the vidis in the array you prefer, adjusting the volumes, and VJ-ing them as you like.

(As an historical aside, this was the first hive video I made, the only one made on my main blog, c-Blog. Unlike subsequent pieces, it captured tool and scroll bars, including my old search engine, Clusty. Clusty was a very good search engine and also protected its users' privacy; it was subsequently sold to Yippy and more or less instantly became "evil"/less successful; see here.)



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