MAC Location Marker Slab

(2015), digital pigment print on limestone slab: at the site of the recently relocated
Google marker for the MAC on Google Maps

Part of a body of work comprising videos and works in other media, in which the "infrathin" as conceived by Marcel Duchamp and adapted by Kenneth Goldsmith is further extended as a vehicle/pretext for more or less responsible explorations/spoofings relating to location, national and other subsystems and their boundaries, and the apparently fictive distinctions among various dimensions (2-, 3-, 4- and 5-D, etc.). Works deploy components accidentally unpacked from an obsolete Google map, manifest an interpenetration of elements from meatspace and
the virtual world, and/or evince interests relating to the creation and control of essential
corporeal and incorporeal infrastructures, among other things.


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10/18/15 1:39:55 AM

10/18/15 1:40:07 AM

10/18/15 1:40:22 AM

10/18/15 1:40:38 AM


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