Infrathin 29.401248 x -98.485324

Epitome Institute, San Antonio
2015-06-13 – -07-11

Part of a body of work comprising videos and works in other media, in which the "infrathin" as conceived by Marcel Duchamp and adapted by Kenneth Goldsmith is further extended as a vehicle/pretext for more or less responsible explorations/spoofings relating to location, national and other subsystems and their boundaries, and the apparently fictive distinctions among various dimensions (2-, 3-, 4- and 5-D, etc.). Works deploy components accidentally unpacked from an obsolete Google map, manifest an interpenetration of elements from meatspace and
the virtual world, and/or evince interests relating to the creation and control of essential
corporeal and incorporeal infrastructures, among other things.

To see the videos included in this show, please contact carolyn at sortor dot com.

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floorplan_of_epitom_13d1e29 epitome_-1060425_eisign epitome_-1060435 epitome_-1060512 epitome_-1060441

Floorplan of Epitome Institute.psd
6/16/15 10:31:32 PM

Epitome -1060425_EISign.jpg
6/15/15 7:17:23 PM

Epitome -1060435.psd
6/16/15 4:47:26 PM

Epitome -1060512.psd
6/15/15 8:15:08 PM

Epitome -1060441.psd
6/16/15 4:29:28 PM

location_marker_panorama _dsf0351_britt-epitome_docn _dsf0299 epitome_-1060463 epitome_-1060464

Location Marker Panorama.psd
6/16/15 6:18:51 PM

6/16/15 10:25:39 PM

6/13/15 7:27:08 PM

Epitome -1060463.psd
6/16/15 3:16:45 PM

Epitome -1060464.psd
6/16/15 3:46:14 PM

epitome_-1060474 navigation_at_epito_13d1e63 navigation_at_epito_13d1e64 navigation_at_epito_13d1e73 _dsf0308_britt-epitome_docn

Epitome -1060474.psd
6/16/15 7:54:42 PM

Navigation at Epitome Still 1.jpg
6/17/15 2:15:41 PM

Navigation at Epitome Still 2.jpg
6/17/15 2:16:40 PM

Navigation at Epitome Still 3.jpg
6/17/15 2:52:39 PM

6/17/15 3:18:43 PM


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