Creamistress 6Prints and Sculptures

Dimensions given are without frames but may reflect
some cropping of images as shown. A limited number of
specially-designed styrofoam frames* were made by the artist. To
see some of the prints in these frames, see the Installation Photos.
For further information, please e-mail carolyn(a)

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mdorngbensalad mdtntbencls mdtntdombnd pants mdfastdial

The Waiting
and Creamette
Creamster Emblem,
xlhmbenpoised hmbensalute hmcar3-4 mdhmcreamettesgrn lgcake5
The Horny


Creamette The Creamsters Happy Birthday
lgoldribbon2 lgcartsculplo smcones conesnpkg smprostheses
Cake Straps

Make-Over Cart Candidate's
Cones in Foam Prostheses
cuffs mdbarbmallow6 mdbarbmallow9 lgbarbmallow10 pinkbarb3
The Broken

Cream - Creme I Cream - Creme II Cream - Creme III Cream Pillow I
lgcool4 cool1 casqopen2 casqclosed2 smcave02
Cream Pillow II

Cream Pillow III Casquette, Open
(Containing DVD)
Casquette, Closed Catarina Cave

*Such styrofoam frames, as well as the sculptures shown, may be fragile or subject to deterioration. Other components
may include foam rubber, which is subject to yellowing and crumbling, or marshmallow creme, which, even when
in plastic wrap, is subject to separation and drying out. Such deterioration is intrinsic to the system constituting the artwork.
In any event, except as may be otherwise specified in writing, any and all representations or warranties regarding the
works are expressly disclaimed, including all warranties, express or implied, regarding durability, merchantability,
fitness for any particular purpose, or any other matter whatsoever, other than aesthetic and mental stimulation.

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